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Bringing your space to life

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When it comes to your living space, you deserve the best. While it's important to work with a team that's professional, you also want someone personal. Bonboni, we take the time to get to know you personally so that we can collaborate with you to create a living space that is specifically and uniquely yours.

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Looking for a professional designer who will treat your space with personal care?

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I've been on quite a journey to bring me where I am today, with a wide range of experience to help you design the space of your dreams.

After founding a venture-backed tech startup, and then running an award-winning design boutique (which was named the Most Beautiful Independent Shop in Missouri by Architectural Digest), I realized that designing spaces and styling rooms are where my passions and skills reside. I closed my shop in early 2023 and pivoted to residential interior design to chase that passion.

To me, design is about changing lives. Our surroundings profoundly influence our emotions, well-being, and productivity; I improve my clients' well-being by designing spaces that evoke joy, comfort, and inspiration while increasing home value and allowing daily life to function more efficiently. I can’t wait to get to know you and see what dreamscape we cook up together.

I help you create living spaces they love to be in.


Hi, I'm Lauren


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Why waste all your time, effort, and money to end up with a room that doesn't wow you or that doesn't function well for your family?

You don't have to tackle your design woes alone.

~ Rodney Mueller

I had the pleasure of working with Lauren on multiple design projects at our home, and I can confidently say she is exceptional. Her talent shines through in every detail, as she captures her clients' desires and transforms spaces into restful retreats. With her unwavering dedication and genuine care, she creates experiences that allow people to truly embrace the love and beauty of a thoughtfully designed environment.

"I can confidently say she is exceptional."

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Bringing your space to life